Nice to see you!Nice to see you!

Woah there pardner...

'Round these here parts, we support all folks for being human and for being who they are - wherever they are in life. ☺️

🥄Today's issue is our first issue! It's short and sweet and I hope you enjoy the optimism!

(you can skip the rest unless you are...)

💕Looking for some extra support? I've got you! 👌

I started this newsletter in conjunction with my other project My Therapy Buddy - a 100% forever free secure self-therapy journaling tool. (Interesting, righhht? 😉)

Since I'm studying health care entrepreneurship, I really wanted to kickstart my career by making something 100% forever free that could bridge the gap between emergency hotlines and actual therapists.

So...that's what I did! My Therapy Buddy is a Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) tool that trains your brain to navigate every type of situation even if you don't know what "the real problem" is!

✅No sign-up required

✅Unlimited free use

✅Accessible on your phone📱and computer 💻

👉🏼Try out My Therapy Buddy to get forever free mental health support! (And let me know how it works for you so that I make it better. 🥰)

I hope My Therapy Buddy and Spoonful of Optimism help you feel better!

Take care, Optimists!

❤️ Ellyssa

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